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The Cut with Pam Margolis Episode 9 with Karla Trotman

November 27, 2017

Frederick Douglass, my mother and dragons: in episode 9 Pam we talk to business woman and mother Karla Trotman.

Books mentioned in this episode include:

Half the Sky by Nicholas D Kristof,

Crank, Tricks, Traffick by Ellen Hopkins

Who Was series

Please Baby Please by Spike Lee

Who's Knees are These? by Jabari Asim

Henry's Freedom Box by Ellen Levine

Clueless Magee by Jeff Mack

Hank Zipzer by Lin Oliver & Henry Winkler

Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel

Mr Putter and Tabby series by Cynthia Rylant

The Last Dog series by Chirstopher Holt

How to Train your Dragon series by Cressida Cowell


The Cut with Pam Margolis Episode 8 with Kristi Bernard

June 5, 2017

On this episode of The Cut we'll chat with book reviewer Kristi Bernard from Kristi's Book Nook. You can find Kristi at Kristi's Book Nook or at The Neophye Writer or on Twitter @Kristibernard

Kristi and I really talked about alot of books. Here's a complete list of the books and their authors. Thanks to Kristi for doing what I love best, chatting books!

My Mom has X-ray vision = Angela McAllister
Penelope and the monsters = Shari Radford
Spy on History: Mary Bowser and the Civil War Spy Ring = Enigma Albert 
Books by William Loren Katz:
Black Indians  
Black West  
Black Indians: A Hidden Heritage 
The Black West: A Documentary and Pictorial History of the African American Role in the Westward Expansion of the United States 
Black Pioneers: An Untold Story 
Breaking The Chains 
Black Women of the Old West 
Black Legacy: A History of New York's African Americans 
Eyewitness: A Living Documentary of the African American Contribution to American History
Peretz Family Adventures = Nathaniel Wyckoff  
The Lost Tribes = Christine Taylor Butler
Zapato Power: Freddy Ramos Takes Off = Jacqueline Jules
Milo’s Museum = Zetta Elliot
Labryinth’s Door – Anyia, Dream of a Warrior = Jacquitta A. McManus
The Fight = Elizabeth Karre
What We Left Behind = Robin Talley
No Place for Kid= Allison Lohans
Rain Reign by Ann M. Martin
What Happened To Ivy by Kathy Stinson
Dig Too Deep = Amy Allgeyer
She Stood For freedom = Loki Mulholland
Life and I: A Story About Death =  Elisabeth Helland Larsen




The Cut with Pam Margolis episode 7 with Dr. Nicole Cutts

March 5, 2017

After a year long absence I'm back! I've studied and practiced and spent some time honing my craft to make my podcast better for you! So here I am with ep 7 with my friend Dr Nicole Cutts of Vision Quest Retreats. 

In this episode we'll talk about Dr. Nicole's book: 

The Adventures of Isabelle Book I: The Embryo Goddess & The Morpho which can be found here

Also referenced in this episode is Free to Be You and Me and the story of Atalanta, which can be found here




The Cut with Pam Margolis Episode 06: featuring Guinevere & Libertad Tomas

June 5, 2016
Visit Mary T McCarthy at Pajamas and Coffee and grab a copy of  The Scarlet a letter Storm, available at Amazon.

Today's episode features the fun duo behind Twinja Book Reviews and multiple book review sites. Follow them at:

Official Site:

Twinja Book Reviews Blog:

GL Tomas(YA) Newsletter:

The books discussed on this episode:
Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman, The Sista Hood on The Mic by E-fierce, The Secret Side Of Empty. 

The Cut with Pam Margolis Episode 05: Beverly Cleary, Toni Morrison, and Pearls.

April 18, 2016

Today on The Cut Pam will share thoughts about Beverly Cleary's 100th anniversary of her birth aka her birthday, Nancy Drew books and Toni Morrison.

If you'd like to be on the show send an email to: 

The Cut with Pam Margolis Episode 04: Featuring Rachee Fagg

April 10, 2016

Diversity in libraries, cougars, & racial ambiguity are discussed today as Pam chats with friend and librarian Rachee Fagg. Books discussed in this episode:

Betty Goes Bananas by Steve Antony
Blackbird Fly Erin Estrada Kelly
Lola at the Library by Anna McQuinn 
The Boy in the Black Suit Jason Reynolds
Black Boy White School by Brian F. Walker
Tutored by Allison Whittenberg
The Crossover by Kwame Alexander
Drama High series by  L. Divine
Bluford High series by Paul Langan
Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard
Pride and prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith
Rot & Ruin series by Jonathan Maberry  character Tom
Chew series, graphic novel by John Layman, Rob Guillory
Parable of the Sower Octavia Butler
The New Small Person by Lauren Childs  
Peekaboo Morning Rachel Isadora 
Summer Jackson: Grown Up by Teresa E. Harris 
Rachee's links: 

The Cut with Pam Margolis Episode 03: Meet Pam

April 2, 2016

Pam introduces herself and discusses why she started the podcast as well discusses her childhood reading habits. The 2016 Diversity Reading Challenge can be found here. Check it out; maybe you'll find yourself a new favorite book. 

We'll publish new episodes every two weeks or sooner. Stay tuned!

The Cut with Pam Margolis. Episode 02: Featuring Kara Newhouse

March 19, 2016
These are the books discussed on today’s show:
King for a Day
Listen Slowly
Ms Marvel
Voice of Freedom series by Carole Boston Weatherford
Same, Same Different
The Girl from the Tar Paper School
Last Stop on Market Street
Sorcerer to the Crown
Twitter: @karanewhouse
And I can be found or on Twitter @pamlovesbooks or instagram @pamlovesbooks Thanks for listening!  

The Cut with Pam Margolis Episode 01: Featuring: Janeane Davis

March 5, 2016

It's past time to argue whether diversity is important in books. It’s time to examine where the books are and how we feel about them. While we're in the cut, we'll discuss our favorite books, share our thoughts and anything else related to diversity in children's books. In episode 01 we'll talk to Janeane Davis, a mother of four children and discuss the difficulties of making sure all of her little ones have books with people who look like them.  Janeane can be found and on Twitter at